Wednesday, September 02, 2009


When Kimball went away to New Jersey I surprised him with the "Putto's Kiss" painting. He gave the poster to me years ago and it has great significance to both of us but it was just laying around and I hadn't put it up in our new place. I wanted to do something different with it so I cut it down and modge podged it onto a canvas and added some texture and acrylic paint. It turned out how I wanted it and Kimball loved it. We're going to hang it in the bedroom.
While I was painting, Cassidy and her good friend Emma were watching me. Emma was moving at the end of the month to Edmonton and she said she loved angels and asked me if I could do a painting for her. She's a sweet girl so I decided to do something for her. I wanted it to be on a smaller canvas but couldn't find the size I was looking for. Cass said that her favorite colors were black and purple so I tried to work that in. I think it turned out cute and she loved it. Her mom said she couldn't wait to hang it in her room at their new place. I just love painting, I'm working on something abstract right now, we'll see how it turns out. Things are getting pretty busy around here with school starting this week!

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Skye and Aaron said...

GORGEOUS!!! You're SO talented! They both look fantastic!